29 May 2008


I dreamed I was visiting God's garden. God and I had a long walk through the garden, admiring the plants and the changes since my last visit. We came to an apricot tree, and I reached up to touch a blossom.

"I remember when you gave me an apricot from this tree," I said, "I still have the stone."

"You still have the stone?" asked God, "Do you have it with you?"

I reached into a pouch, took out the stone, and held it out in my hand to see.

"Give it to the gardeners!" God commanded.

I handed the apricot stone to one of God's gardeners. The gardeners took it to a prepared bed and gently slipped it into the rich soil. One of them watered it deeply.

When I woke, I held the dream lightly. I didn't want to read too much into it, to decide the meaning of the apricot, the stone, and God's gardeners.

All I know is that I feel very good about having given the apricot stone to God's gardeners and seeing it find its rightful place.


RichardM said...

Dreams are a very personal thing and it always takes some courage to share them with others. I hope you won't think I'm being too forward in commenting on this dream.

In general I think dreams are just the froth from our everyday experience. We are processing our experiences of the day in the symbolic language of our emotional brain. But as Quakers we believe that God is real and has come to teach us, so why shouldn't he use dreams to this purpose once in a while? I think God does indeed sometimes use dreams to guide us and I think this dream is an instance of that. In the dream you remember a gift which God gave you in the past which you appreciated. You kept the seed of that gift, which was clearly the right thing to do, and now has come the time to give that seed to others so that it can be nurtured into more abundant life. In my opinion the dream is symbolic of where you are spiritually at this time and what you ought to be doing to move forward. If I'm right about that you should have at least a vague idea about what "seed" it is you are to hand over to the gardeners to place in what "ground."

Liz Opp said...


Mmmmm.... (head nod, head nod).

Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up